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My name is Jenny but you can call me Jax. I used to be in the Detention Center for Cyber Bullying but that's all in my past now. I'm going to be a Cadet at the Academy next year and I'm so excited!

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It requires less character to discover the faults of others, than to tolerate them.
- J. Petit Senn

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Pierogies and onions


Card games, fiction novels, cats


August 31, 2010

Poor Zwert!

As if I needed any more stress in my life! Last night I woke up because I heard Zwert whimpering at the foot of my bed. When I turned on the light to see what was the matter, I nearly screamed! Zwert was lying there shivering and covered in these weird blue dots! I don’t know what happened! I ran to Alan’s room to look for any kind of medicine for him, but I didn’t find anything. What I did find was a notebook filled with star coordinates and a laptop loaded with the SETI program.

I hopped on his laptop and sent a desperate message out, hoping that it would reach Zwert’s people. I told them he was very sick and needed help.

Then the room turned bright white.

Next thing I know, I’m sitting at the end of a long table surrounded by big Zwerts! I stuttered a quick hello. The biggest one sitting at the far end of the table stood up and said, “Hello, puny human thing. What have you done to Zwert?”

I told them I hadn’t done anything to him! I just fed him the same things I ate – vegetables, skim milk and whole wheat bread. They looked so angry! “We do not eat such filth!” the big Zwert shouted. “We need healthy foods, like pepperoni, caramel and lard! Where is Alan? He would never let this happen to Zwert!”

I told them that the rest of the Academy was stuck back in 1986 and that they couldn’t figure out how to get home.

“Time travel is no excuse not to take care of one’s friend! We will go back to 1986 and return your fellow cyber defenders. Then we will sit down and have a long talk about Zwert’s dietary needs!”

And then, in a flash, they were gone. I hope they find them quickly! I have to go melt a stick of butter to feed to Zwert. Oh, and catch a handful of the world’s most harmful cyber criminals. Ugh.

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August 9, 2010

Oh No!

They’re gone! They’re all gone! All the cyber criminals in the detention center…I can’t believe it! What am I going to do? It was up to me to keep them locked up and now… What will the other cadets think? And the faculty? Officer Ward is going to be so angry at me! All right, just breathe. I can get them back. I have to get them back.

Once I heard the noise, I went downstairs to make sure all the detainees weren’t trying to escape. Well, they weren’t trying – they had succeeded! All that I found was a note that said “Ahoy landlubber, I’ve conscripted yer prisoners for me crew. YARRRRR, Captain Jack Plunder.” I have no idea how he did it, but I know what I have to do. I have to track all the criminals down and bring them back before they do any serious damage out there!

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August 6, 2010

So Far, So Good

Captain Marbles never got back to me. I guess we have an old email address or something…not that it matters at this point. It’s all good though, and I still think I’ve got everything under control. Sure, it’s lonely without everyone around, but I’ve got Zwert to keep me company and enough things to keep me busy that I’m pretty distracted most of the time. I just hope everyone is safe back in 1986.

Can you believe that? 1986? It’s crazy! Apparently, they can still communicate with us via their blogs somehow. I’ve tried emailing them, but I think the link to the past only goes one way because I haven’t had anyone respond to me yet. It’s so strange.

I’ve dealt with the cyber criminals by telling them everyone in the Academy caught some sort of weird flu and I seem to be the only one immune. I guess they’re buying it, because they haven’t been much trouble at all. Sorry if I’m rambling, but this is the first time I’ve had to sit and blog in a month! Wait…what’s that noise? I’d better go check it out.

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