About Me:

My name is Jenny but you can call me Jax. I used to be in the Detention Center for Cyber Bullying but that's all in my past now. I'm going to be a Cadet at the Academy next year and I'm so excited!

Favorite Quote:

It requires less character to discover the faults of others, than to tolerate them.
- J. Petit Senn

Favorite Food:

Pierogies and onions


Card games, fiction novels, cats


September 2, 2010

What Now?

Everyone came back two days ago and, I mean, I was really happy to see themÖbut it really stunk to have to tell them I messed up so bad. Itís bad enough that Zwert got sick, but my worst mistake was that I let all the cyber villains escape! No one said they were mad, but I think thatís because they could tell I felt really bad about it. I tried my best, everybody! I really did! I guess my best wasnít good enough, though.

Iím not going to give up, though. Iím going to work extra hard to recapture those bad guys! Itíll be a tough semester, but I know weíll come out on top again.

posted by Jax