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Keeping Up Hope

January 21, 2008 - I know these last few months have been hard and are looking to get harder. I want to remind everyone to keep hope alive. Ex-Commander Nils may be on the run, but I've caught him before and we can catch him again, with your help. The Cyber Defense Force will not be defeated.

Update from Dr. Keen

January 10, 2008 - After an extensive search through the school's computer logs and a close examination of the remaining code, I've determined that the worm used an exploit in our current firewall system as part of its attack. I've tried to talk to the company that sold us the firewall, but the number they gave me no longer works. The company's website has vanished. I tried contacting the woman who recommended it to me, but she too has disappeared.

It is my guess that the firewall was a setup. The Cyber Villain, Ms. Information duped me into installing a broken product. I apologize for not catching it sooner. I've contacted a reliable security company to have them install a new firewall and check the rest of our systems for any additional gaps in security.

Another Attack

January 9, 2008 - As many of you are aware, the school suffered from another Cyber Villain attack yesterday. Due to unknown reasons, the school's firewall went down, and the majority of our security systems were shut off. All of the Detention Center detainees were released. We recovered this footage from one of the Detention Center security cameras, it appears that Ex-Commander Nils masterminded the attack and the escape.

Dr. Keen is working hard to uncover the source of the attack, but right now it looks like M.C. Spammer's attack may have inserted a worm into our system. We still do not know at this time how the worm was triggered and how it was able to spread so far undetected.

Message from the Master Hacker

January 8, 2008 - Carnegie Cyber Academy! This is the Master Hacker and I declare war against you. The Internet WILL be remade in my image!

Welcome Back

January 7, 2008 - The Spring Semester has begun at the Carnegie Cyber Academy! I hope everyone had a fantastic and relaxing holiday. We welcome everyone back to school and hope you all are ready to keep learning as we start off this new year.

I would like to remind all cadets that you must have a valid Cyberspace Pass to enter cyberspace. If you do not have one or have misplaced yours, please stop by my office to receive a new one.