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Welcome Back

September 3, 2010 - Well, that was… fun?

Time travel. Aliens. Robots. And now we’re back just in time to start a new semester! Sorry, cadets – I guess you could not relax over summer vacation this year.

Importantly, I really want to thank Zwert’s parents for getting us all home safe and sound. That was really good of you. Also, we’re very sorry about letting Zwert get sick, and we’ll take better care of him from now on (but I’ll let Alan talk about all that in his blog).

Finally, I want to write this for everyone to see, though it’s specifically for Jax. No one blames you for what happened, Jax. None of us would’ve done any better in your situation. This semester will be a busy one for sure, but we’re stronger now because of what’s happened to us. We’ll recapture those cyber villains again. Have no doubt! All we need is our brain power, our determination, and a little help from cadets like you! Go get ‘em, cadets!