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Summer Vacation

June 13, 2008 - There will be no student projects this summer vacation. After a full school year of Cyber Villain attacks, we are requesting that all cadets leave campus for the vacation while we upgrade security and to use the time to reflect and recover.

Everyone, have a great summer!


June 9, 2008 - Classes end on Friday, June 13. Commencement will be held this Saturday.

I hope everyone joins me in congratulating the graduating class. The Internet is becoming more dangerous than ever and we will need these brave Cyber Defenders to help keep us safe.

Cyber Villains Escape Capture

June 4, 2008 - M.C. Spammer, Ms. Information, the DisGuys and Elvirus have all escaped from the traps we used on them during the Nils attack. Ward, Maya and I went to round them up yesterday and discovered that each of their cages had been broken. How this was accomplished, we don’t know.