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My name is Jenny but you can call me Jax. I used to be in the Detention Center for Cyber Bullying but that's all in my past now. I'm going to be a Cadet at the Academy next year and I'm so excited!

Favorite Quote:

It requires less character to discover the faults of others, than to tolerate them.
- J. Petit Senn

Favorite Food:

Pierogies and onions


Card games, fiction novels, cats


December 17, 2010


I finally got my pet! I listened to all of your suggestions and, after a lot of thought, I decided to get…a…


Trey and I went to pick her out from the pound instead of buying her from a breeder for one big reason:

It feels good to rescue a dog that was abandoned. From now on, Daisy (that’s her name), will always have someone to love her and watch over her. And I will, too.

She’s a mutt (meaning that she’s not a purebred), but I don’t care. To me, she’s the best, most beautiful dog in the world. And she just ate my left shoe while I was typing this. Uh…I have to go.

posted by Jax