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You can call me Sparky or Frankie. That's it. I used to be in the Detention Center for being a "Script Kiddie." But I don't do that anymore, it's a lot more interesting helping the Cyber Defenders!

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Eighty percent of success is showing up.
- Woody Allen

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Fish Sticks


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September 14, 2010

No More, Plz!

As fun as all that zany time travel was, I’m glad to be back in the good ol’ 2010s. I literally kissed my laptop when I got home. I’ll never take modern technology for granted again! I mean, can you imagine a world where every movie is in 2D? Horrible, right? Okay, well, maybe it wasn’t all that bad…

I know Jax blames herself for letting all the cyber villains escape, but honestly it could’ve happened to any of us. I’m just surprised she did as well as she did! I mean, that seems like kind of an odd thing to say, but she was pretty much on her own for two months and she made it with only two major problems! If it were me, I probably would’ve gone crazy or accidentally burned the Academy down. I guess what I’m trying to say is this – you did good, Jax. Now that we’re all together, we’ll deal with the baddies without a problem.

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